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It all started when I was 9 years old…
My mum told me that I watched a programme on television and I never ate meat again. I’m not sure what I watched, but I’m glad that I had the foresight as a child to make such a huge decision that would have a profound effect on my life. I’m also grateful to my mum for taking me seriously and supporting my new vegetarian lifestyle, that could have easily have turned into a fad, especially when being a vegetarian as a child was not the norm and still

Fast forward…
I’m passionate, seriously passionate about fitness. I swim, bike, run, weight train and I love hot yoga, which I need to start doing more of and I love boxing! To add to that full list of sports and fitness, I’ve embarked on a new journey that involves food; colourful plant-based food! I enjoy reading about nutrition and health, tasting the new plant-based foods that I find, attending plant based food shows, meeting people who live a plant-based lifestyle and learning how to photograph beautiful images of food.
My plans for my blog…
Well, I want to share the knowledge that I’ve learned about the benefits of plant-based foods and how they can heal so many ailments, enhance your beauty inside and out and provide your body with lots of energy. I also plan to show you the different foods and natural products that are available to support your plant-based lifestyle. I’m going to share new items I find and love, write reviews, share my favourite plant-based foods and products, tell you about vegan places to eat and let you know about the books I read and enjoy!
I hope you find my blog useful and if you want to ask any questions, please drop me an email. Contact Me

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